EDealer is committed to helping you solve challenging problems, with our expertise in website design & development and superior inventory solutions. This includes inventory integration, a mobile data capture app and seamless automated OEM incentives.

We offer a flexible and all-encompassing approach to supporting your dealership, including dealer consulting, program training and performance managers ready to meet your every need.

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Custom & Responsive Websites

We offer the best dealership designs in the business, built with a unique sense of ownership and branding for your online success. We take the time to carefully craft a seamless experience for your customer, no matter what device they are using.

Search Engine Optimization

As an industry leader, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in all aspects of business. Our services as an SEO provider are no different. We offer a variety of solutions across on-page, technical and local SEO strategies, optimizing to the specific needs of each customer, throughout our products and packages.

Inventory Management

With our inventory management platform, you can easily market your inventory across all effective forms of digital media. Thanks to over 100 different integrations, the platform gives users the ability to harness the true potential of today’s online marketing landscape.

Data Capture

For today’s Mazda dealer, this is a must-have tool to manage and market all of your inventory. Instantly push your inventory to your website and marketing portals like Kijiji, AutoTrader, Wheels, AutoCatch, and CarGurus.

Integrations and Syndications

Increase time and cost efficiency by managing your inventory marketing efforts from one system. We can pull your inventory data from almost anywhere. Whether you manage your pricing and options from DMS, or your pictures through a data collection company – EDealer makes inventory management easy!

Automated Incentives

Take a step in the right direction with EDealer’s Build & Price / Model Showroom. All the key manufacturer data and incentives on your site can be added to your existing dealership website. You can add our built-in Build & Price with Model Showroom to any platform.

Dealer Support

Direct Communication

Call or email to speak to support directly, no transfer and no waiting.

24hr Turnaround

Our support system in place is quick and efficient, allowing us to resolve 97% of support tickets in 24 hours or less.

10:1 Support to Sales Ratio

To ensure speed and efficiency we have a ratio of 10 support staff to every 1 sales representative on hand at all times.

No Missed Opportunities

Never miss another opportunity due to poor response times and frustrating miscommunication ever again.