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Frequently Asked Questions

The choice between four market-leading website and digital advertising solutions

Industry-leading support with unbiased performance improvement recommendations

Complete insight into your digital performance, benchmarking and best practices

Access to national advertising, regional (DAA) metrics

Aligning all Mazda IN Canada communications to the new brand style

Provide in depth digital reporting (from national to Dealer)

Provide cost-savings on best-in-class website providers in market

Regional support throughout program from qualified Field Trainers

Yes, all Dealers will be expected to select one of the certified vendors in order to receive all national and regional web metrics, access to Tier 1 leads as well as support and training from our team of MDC’s (Mazda Digital Consultants)

Dealers will be expected to enroll in early October on the enrollment site within a 4-week window

Dealers who are not enrolled will incur a $25 reduction to their Dealer Marketing Support (from $175/vehicle to $150/vehicle), as well as forgoing new 3rd party leads and the other benefits of the program as outlined above

Please select your provider during the open enrollment period, which we expect to start in early October and will remain open for four weeks

No – We will ensure an effective transition, to ensure that you are never without a functioning Dealer website

Dealer website leads will be delivered to your preferred CRM through SCI. Please note that there is no change to the current process in this regard

The new program will allow Dealers to access both lead performance and website metrics in one convenient dashboard

Advanced metrics and reports, including lead source performance will be provided via an online portal, hosted and provided by Shift Digital

Additional reports and analysis will be available upon request

Review your existing contracts and exit clauses to ensure that you provide sufficient notice to your current suppliers

Dealers are responsible for managing any cancellations for services outside of the program. Both MCI and Shift are available to assist in this

Please be aware vendors may become more aggressive as they have been notified that they are not one of the approved providers

You will maintain your existing URL and direct it to your new, certified website

All of the selected vendors will offer digital advertising, although it is not required as part of the Mazda Canada Digital Dealer Program. MCI will consider incorporating this component at a later phase to be determined with your MAT (Marketing Action Team) Dealers

Your website platform costs will be billed through your parts statement on monthly basis

Third party tools will be billed directly to the Dealer

Contact the MDC Support Team at (833) 286-7212 or