Leave it to your customers to book their service appointments, on your website, at their leisure.

Shift the power over to your customers by letting them book their service appointment according to their own schedules. Elevate your customer experience, bring more traffic to your service bay and boost visits to your website with our Online Appointments Module!

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Online appointments made easy

Start the customer experience at the very beginning with the ability to schedule appointments on your website, choosing from available dates and time slots, right from a computer or mobile device and in real-time! Available 24/7, 365 days a year!

The Online Appointments Module includes:

  • Individual services
  • Repairs
  • OEM promotions.

No need for a third-party application. Service Appointments scheduled directly in your Keyloop Serti DMS in real-time! No delays or data transfer issues! Streamline and accelerate the process for your Service department.

  • Integral part of the system; no API, no syncing
  • No OP Code Mapping required 4
  • Set your own parameters
  • Scheduling controls
  • Multiple Appointment Books (e.g. per Advisor, Body Shop, Quick Lane...)
  • Match the colour theme to your website

SERTI is now part of Keyloop.