Certified Website Program

Program Overview

The Mazda Canada Digital Dealer Certified Program connects you with best-in-class vendors in Automotive Digital Marketing to provide choice in who supports your website. Each website platform will present your site with a unique look and feel, and will offer templates, allowing you to customize your online presence.

Retailer Websites

The Mazda Canada Digital Dealer Certified Program is designed to provide Mazda Canada retailers with proven products and services which will allow you to dominate digital marketing in your local market while promoting what makes your Mazda Retailer unique.

Your retailer website platform is your online showroom and the foundation for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Your preferred partner will offer a unique set of strategies and solutions to assist you with:

  • A choice of market-leading website solutions
  • Industry-leading support with unbiased performance improvement recommendations through your Mazda Canada Digital Consultant
  • Complete insight into your digital performance, benchmarking, and best practices to promote continuous growth and conversion
  • Best-in-class program value by leveraging brand purchase power and provider competition
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Digital Advertising

All the selected vendors offer digital advertising, although it is not required as part of the Mazda Canada Digital Dealer Certified Program. MCI will consider incorporating this component at a later phase.

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Online Service Scheduling

Starting with the goal of creating an easy and seamless service scheduling experience within your website, the Certified Online Service Scheduling Program is an industry-leading service scheduling program available to all Mazda dealers. The MCI Dealer Digital Program has partnered with providers that are committed to ensuring online service scheduling is convenient and easy for your valued customers.

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